IQ (Cognitive) Assessment

IQ testing provides information about an individual’s cognitive abilities. Cognitive assessment compares an individual to other people his age to determine if the person has an intellectual disability or is gifted. They also provide information about an individual’s pattern of learning. This information can be very helpful to plan educational programs or to determine eligibility for special program such as early entry to school, acceleration or remedial programs. Wendy McLean uses two widely accepted cognitive assessment tests: The Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scales – Fifth Edition and the Woodcock-Johnson – Third Edition Tests of Cognitive Abilities. The Stanford-Binet is suitable for individuals from two to eighty years of age. The Woodcock-Johnson III is suitable for individuals from two to ninety years of age. Both tests have been normed in Australia and adapted for Australian language. Wendy McLean completes comprehensive IQ testing which includes initial interview, observation, testing, a thorough written report (including recommendations) and oral feedback.
Group screening for inclusion in programs such as gifted or remedial education or resilience training is available for schools.

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