IQ (Cognitive) Assessment
IQ testing provides information about an individualís cognitive abilities. Cognitive assessment compares an individual to other people his age to determine if the person has an intellectual disability or is gifted. They also provide information about an individualís pattern of learning. This information can be very helpful to plan educational programs or to determine eligibility for special program such as early entry to school, acceleration or remedial programs... (read more)

Educational Achievement Tests
Many parents are concerned about their childís academic performance. The Woodcock-Johnson Ė Third Edition Tests of Achievement measures an individualís performance in several academic areas including reading, oral language, mathematics and written language. This information is vital in understanding a childís academic strengths and weaknesses, in developing remedial or extension programs and for making placement... (read more)

Mental Health Assesment
Mental Health assessments range from informal observations to standardized instruments that compare an individualís emotional state to the general population. These tests provide valuable information to doctors and other health professionals about an individualís state of mind. They can also be used to measure the change in mental health over time. Early identification is crucial so that intervention strategies can be planned and further... (read more)

Memory Assessment
The Wide Range Assessment of Memory and Learning (WRAML) is a standardised psychometric evaluation of memory function. The WRAML is composed of verbal, visual and attention / concentration subtests, as well as a General Memory Index score. A working memory index can also... (read more)

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