Mental Health Assessment

Mental Health assessments range from informal observations to standardized instruments that compare an individualís emotional state to the general population. These tests provide valuable information to doctors and other health professionals about an individualís state of mind. They can also be used to measure the change in mental health over time. Early identification is crucial so that intervention strategies can be planned and further problems prevented.
PsychProfiler is a comprehensive Australian screening tool that identifies a large number of common disorders found in children, adolescents and adults. PsychProfiler has two versions: one for children (2-17 years) and one for adults. It can be completed by teachers, parents, observers or by self report. It identifies the following disorders: Anxiety Disorders, Attention-Deficit and Disruptive Behavior Disorders, Communication Disorders, Eating Disorders, Learning Disorders, Personality Disorders, Pervasive Development Disorders and Tic Disorders. Wendy does not diagnose these disorders but is qualified to administer the assessment and write a report for your doctor, paediatrician or clinical psychologist to determine if a diagnosis is relevant.

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